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What exactly is Organisation Validation? How does one get their organisation validated? It may seem like it’s a lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through, but don’t worry. It’s actually quite simple.

What are the Organisation Validation requirements?

The requirements for an Organisation Validation SSL certificate are the same regardless of which CA you go with—they’ve been standardised by the CAB Forum. Remember, they CA is going to be checking things that will demonstrate that your business is a lawful entity and that you are authorised to request a certificate on behalf of your organisation.

We’ll explain all of them – what the requirements are, how to satisfy them, what to do if you get stuck– on their dedicated pages. Just click the links.

As long as you’re a legitimate organisation, this process is no problem

Remember, the reason this process even exists is to differentiate the legitimate businesses from the pretenders—including scam artists and cyber criminals. So, if you’re working for an actual business, then you have nothing to worry about.

Plus, our customer service team will be happy to help if you get stuck. You’ll have the benefit of our many years of experience behind you. Typically, the CA’s like to tell you issuance takes 1-3 business days—that’s to give themselves some cushion. But if you’re in a hurry, we may even be able to expedite the process for you.

We’ve gotten OV certificates issued in as little as 20 minutes before.

But, before you call, check and make sure that this validation section doesn’t answer your question first. We’ve designed it to be as helpful as possible.

Author: Paul Baka

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