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When you buy SSL Certificates, you will need a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and a Private Key to complete the configuration and installation. You will need this for every SSL you order from a genuine Certificate Authority, such as Geotrust , DigiCert , Sectigo and Thawte . You can generate the CSR and the key for your SSL Certificate online with our free tool, which is featured below. Just be sure to complete all of the steps and save it somewhere safe.

  1. Enter your Domain, Email or Business Name. If this is for an SSL/TLS Certificate, enter your domain name into the Common Name field. If for a SMIME Certificate , enter your email address. For a Code Signing Certificate, enter your Business Name.
  2. Fill in your Contact Information. For Business and Extended Validation Certificates, use the legally registered details of your organisation.
  3. Save your CSR and Private Key. Copy & paste the CSR and Key to a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and save it as .txt file, or you can download the files directly - you will need this after ordering an Digital Certificate to go through the SSL generation process devised by the Certificate Authority of your choice.

New and More Secure!

Our new CSR/Key Generator will create your CSR and Key in your browser without submitting any information to our servers, making it more secure than ever.

What is this CSR and Key for?

2048 is secure and recommended.

SHA256 is recommended.

Please enter your domain name. If you are using this for a Wildcard SSL, it needs to be in the format: *

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