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GeoTrust is one of the leading web security brands in the world. With their SSLTrust partnership, we can provide Australian customers with the GeoTrust SSL Certificate range to secure any websites or services while staying within budget.

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QuickSSL Premium
  • Fast Validation
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QuickSSL Premium Wildcard Flexi
  • Fast Validation
$ / yr
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QuickSSL Premium Multi-Domain Flexi
  • Fast Validation
$ / yr
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True BusinessID
  • Show your Verified Business
$ / yr
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True BusinessID Flexi Multi-Domain
  • Show your Verified Business
$ / yr
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True BusinessID Wildcard
  • Show your Verified Business
$ / yr
$ Saved
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True BusinessID Wildcard Flexi Multi Domain
  • Show your Verified Business
$ / yr
$ Saved
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True BusinessID with Extended Validation
  • Higher Encryption
  • Shows Verified Business
$ / yr
$ Saved
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True BusinessID EV Multi-Domain Flexi
  • Higher Encryption
  • Shows Verified Business
$ / yr
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Does GeoTrust have the right Certificate?

GeoTrust SSL/TLS Certificate Types

GeoTrust offers a variety of SSL Certificates that can be classified into three main categories:

Domain Validated (DV)

  • Ideal for individuals or organisations needing a fast and cost-effective SSL solution.
  • Issued within 5-10 minutes upon completion of the order.
  • Requires only domain ownership verification before issuance.

Business/Organisation Validated (OV)

  • Designed for organisations aiming to establish trustworthiness.
  • Displays validated business details, including geolocation, in the SSL certificates.
  • Site Seal provides additional information when necessary.

Extended Validated (EV)

  • Tailored for organisations seeking to demonstrate their legitimacy and credibility.
  • Indicates to visitors that the business has undergone rigorous verification processes.
  • Offers the highest warranty among GeoTrust SSL certificates.

Additionally, you can select the specific SSL product based on your requirements:

Single Domain

Secures a single domain name and its www-version for free, ensuring comprehensive security for straightforward services and websites.


Protects the primary domain and all subdomains, making it perfect for multiple sites or services.


Secures multiple domains or subdomains simultaneously, offering flexibility and scalability for diverse online operations.

Why choose GeoTrust?

About GeoTrust

Founded in 2001, GeoTrust Inc. swiftly emerged as a global leader in web security, offering a diverse array of products across 150 countries. Renowned for their stellar customer support, they gained recognition worldwide.

In 2006, VeriSign, a significant security provider, acquired GeoTrust, bringing them under the Symantec brand in 2010. This integration enabled GeoTrust to expand its product range and enhance its industry presence.

Today, GeoTrust is synonymous with trust and reliability, with its recognizable Site Seals signifying secure websites. Following the management transition to DigiCert in 2017, GeoTrust Global CA offers expedited business validation, streamlining the certificate issuance process for swift deployment compared to competitors.

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How does GeoTrust compare to other Certificate Authorities?

GeoTrust Certificates are widely esteemed as among the best in the market, bridging the gap between mid-tier and premium providers. Now managed by DigiCert, a leader in the field, GeoTrust offers exceptional value and security.

For organizations and individuals seeking affordability without compromising security, GeoTrust's QuickSSL Premium is an excellent option, boasting fast issuance and robust protection.

For those desiring added trust and features, consider the True BusinessID range, offering higher warranty and business verification regardless of location. It's our top choice, especially popular among educational institutions.

For highly trusted SSL Security Certificates, extensive features, and the backing of a reputable issuing Authority at competitive prices, GeoTrust Australia stands out as an optimal choice.

GeoTrust Trusted Root Certificates

GeoTrust's Trusted Root Certificates underwent a significant update on December 1, 2017, transitioning to the new Trusted Root TLS Certificate from DigiCert. This modernised root instils trust across the vast majority of browsers, clients, and devices, ensuring seamless encryption without any security warnings for your visitors and customers.

Leveraging a GeoTrust SSL/TLS Intermediate Certificate bolsters the security of your SSL Certificate. You can opt for a complete chain SHA-2, aligning with the industry's evolving standards, or an SHA-2 Certificate with SHA-1 Root for enhanced compatibility with older devices.

What do you get?

Features for Ordering a GeoTrust Certificate

Your new GeoTrust Certificate will be promptly issued upon finalizing your order, configuration, and any necessary verification. It will have many features included from a premium Certificate Authority.

Free Unlimited Reissues

Experience seamless management with our GeoTrust SSL Certificates, offering unlimited reissues for hassle-free updates and changes as needed.

Browser and Device Support

Our GeoTrust Certificates guarantee seamless connectivity across all major browsers and devices, enhancing platform security effortlessly.

Unlimited Server Licences

Secure all your services efficiently with unlimited server licenses. Install your certificate across multiple servers to streamline operations and optimize security without constraints.

Duplication with Multiple Keys

Enhance security across diverse platforms, facilitating duplication with multiple private keys. Utilize different keys for each installation to fortify security and establish distinct service separation. Available on all OV & EV Certificates.

WWW and None-WWW Secured

Seamlessly secure your domain's WWW and non-WWW versions. Ensure comprehensive protection for your fully qualified domain name (FQDN) at no additional cost, accommodating common domain serving practices effortlessly.

A Dynamic Site Seal

Instil confidence in your customers with the GeoTrust dynamic site seals. These seals visually confirm secure data transmission, further reassuring visitors of your commitment to encrypted communication on your website. GeoTrust Site Seal

Why buy with SSLTrust?

Your GeoTrust Platinum Partner

We work hard to make purchasing and managing your GeoTrust Digital Certificates better than purchasing directly with the Certificate Authority. We can deliver the same product and service with additional benefits through our direct partnerships.

Lower Prices
Security shouldn't break the bank—benefit from our competitive pricing, offering GeoTrust SSLs discounted up to 70% off standard pricing.
30-day Risk-Free Assurance
Your satisfaction is our priority. Enjoy the confidence of a 30-day refund policy on all SSL/TLS Certificates, ensuring a risk-free purchase experience.
Streamlined Management
Effortlessly manage your certificates through our user-friendly portal. From configuration to reissuing, our centralised platform simplifies certificate management tasks.
Tailored Support Services
Receive personalised assistance from our dedicated support team. Whether online, onsite, or remote, we're committed to meeting your security needs with prompt and reliable support.
Diverse Certificate Options
We recognise the uniqueness of every setup. Explore our extensive range of digital certificates, catering to various requirements to suit your needs.
Trusted Expertise
Rely on our wealth of experience in website security. With decades of industry expertise, our seasoned team is dedicated to providing the guidance and support necessary to safeguard your online presence effectively.

What our Customers say...

We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service, ensuring each customer receives a superior experience of the highest quality.

Tim C.

1 year

5 out of 5 stars

We have ordered an code signing certificate from SSLTrust. Validation was a bit tricky in our case (because of reasons not related to SSLTrust), so had to contact support. The service was exceptional and just a local phone call away. We first spoke to Paul - an experienced and knowledgeable person, who was very helpful and friendly. He then followed up with emails and kept an eye on our case, in timely manner. With Paul's help we managed to get this accomplished and get our certificate. I recommend SSLTrust for all Australian customers and will certainly use their service again.
Ashley Holzberger.

1 year

5 out of 5 stars

My company needed a code signing certificate as quickly as possible and had a tricky phone setup that was causing us a lot of grief with getting validation. Paul from SSL Trust helped us through it from the get-go with top notch support. Definitely recommend SSL Trust!

Experts are ready to help.

Don't hesitate to contact us for comprehensive support with any inquiries about GeoTrust Certificates. Whether via email, live chat, or a quick phone call, our dedicated team is here to assist you every step of the way!

  • Paul Baka

    Paul Baka

    SSLTrust Account Manager

    Paul is considered to be SSLTrust's leading Cyber Security Expert and most knowledgeable on SSL/TLS Certificates and PKI Solutions.

  • Jeremy Schatten

    Jeremy Schatten

    SSL/TLS Platform Expert

    Jeremy is our expert when it comes to installing any SSL Certificate and configuring a system to best security practices.

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