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Modern certificate authorities like DigiCert, Sectigo, and GeoTrust simplify certificate management, offering everything from basic Domain Validation to advanced Extended Validation and versatile Wildcard SSL certificates. Whether securing multiple domains, enabling Code Signing, or ensuring your website is a secure transactional space, SSLTrust provides top-notch Certificate Authorities with 256-bit encryption and SSL technology.

Verokey offers fast, affordable SSL/TLS certificates, trusted by 99.9% of internet users, thanks to their partnership with DigiCert. They provide digital certificates to secure anything from UCC/SAN servers to software code, catering to all possible needs.
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GeoTrust secures online transactions for over 100,000 companies globally as one the world's largest digital certificate providers. Their SSL/TLS solutions enjoy universal browser and device support, offering one of the most adaptable web security options that can significantly boost conversions.
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DigiCert stands out as a leading security company in over 50 countries, offering SSL certificates that cater to all needs, including future-proof post-quantum certificates. Known for their reliability, quality, and convenience, DigiCert is the top choice for comprehensive web security.
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Previously Comodo CA, Sectigo is one of the top issuers of SSL certificates worldwide, offering affordable website and service security solutions. Their root certificates come pre-installed on major browsers and devices, making Sectigo a leading choice for those seeking a trusted CA.
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As part of the DigiCert group, Thawte is committed to providing trusted SSL certificates globally. Their focus on extending trust online aligns with the internet's egalitarian ethos, supported by the reputation of DigiCert.
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A subsidiary of GeoTrust, RapidSSL offers the most cost-effective SSL solutions, perfect for budget-conscious users. Recognized internationally, RapidSSL is the go-to provider for affordable, reliable web security.
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Which Certificate Authority?

Navigating Your Certificate Authority Choices

Selecting the perfect Certificate Authority hinges on identifying your specific needs. Are you searching for unbeatable prices, exceptional support, unique features, or unparalleled security? If distinguishing between OV and EV SSL solutions feels daunting, let's delve into key considerations.

SSL Certificate Pricing: Balancing Cost and Value

Price often stands as the primary concern for users, which is understandable. Modern SSL/TLS certificates universally provide 256-bit encryption. Typically, higher-priced options offer additional features, like Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates, or cater to more complex requirements across numerous sites. However, a steeper price sometimes equates to enhanced security. For many, the most affordable SSL providers hit the mark perfectly.

The Importance of Certificate Authority Reputation

The credibility of SSL certificate providers stems from their recognized authority and trustworthiness in issuing secure SSL certificates. Indeed, the reputation of a Certificate Authority is crucial, especially as cyber threats evolve. Fortunately, when you choose SSLTrust, there's no need to fret over CA reputation. We list only the top SSL certificate providers and leaders in their fields who are ready to meet the needs of businesses, large and small.

What do you need to Secure? How many?

Many CAs offer Wildcard SSL certificates, securing multiple subdomains under single and multi-domain SSL certificates and protecting several domains. Features such as 256-bit encryption, compatibility with major browsers and devices, and warranties to protect against certificate mis-issuance are common. Additional services may include code signing certificates, secure email certificates, and dedicated customer support.

What do CAs provide?

The Certificate Authorities with SSLTrust

As the leading Australian SSL provider, we pride ourselves on affordability and ensuring our customers are equipped for swift and straightforward security implementations.

SSL Certificate Features
Visible Security Assurance
Visitors will see a secure padlock, along with other trust indicators like Verified Details and Seals, on your site, signalling a secure connection.
Superior Encryption Standards
Our certificates start with SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption, extending to even more robust encryption levels for enhanced security.
Trust Seal Inclusion
Every SSL/TLS Certificate we offer includes a Trust Seal, assuring your customers that their data is protected. Business Certificates further display your verified business details.
Dedicated Australian Support
Our goal is your seamless security setup, supported by our local team that is ready to provide online, on-site, or remote help tailored to your needs.
Simplified Certificate Management
Use our user-friendly portal for hassle-free configuration, management, and reissuance of all your Certificates from one central location.
30-Day Refund Policy
We back our SSL/TLS Certificates with a 30-day refund policy for total satisfaction.

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