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RapidSSL focuses on providing top-tier, industry-standard 256-bit encryption at an unparalleled value. Opt for any RapidSSL certificate and guarantee maximum security and exceptional value, ensuring your online presence is secure and economically savvy.



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Secure Your Digital World with RapidSSL

RapidSSL Certificates leverage the robust x.509 standard to offer a comprehensive digital security solution, ideal for:

  • Websites: Ensures robust hosting security across diverse platforms.
  • APIs: Enhances API security for flawless integration.
  • SaaS Applications: Fortifies applications developed in PHP, NodeJS, ReactJS, and similar technologies.
  • Server Security: Provides comprehensive protection for mail servers, FTP servers, enterprise services, and exchange servers.
  • Web Servers and Proxies: Offers full compatibility with NGINX, Apache, LightSpeed, WordPress, and others.

RapidSSL Certificates are designed for universal compatibility, making them a perfect fit for any platform that supports the x.509 standard. They deliver a flexible and dependable security solution for all your digital needs.

Who is RapidSSL?

RapidSSL: Revolutionizing Web Security Since 2003

Initially introduced to the digital world as FreeSSL, RapidSSL emerged in 2003, rooted in the tech-centric landscape of Mountain View, California. Today, it is a proud subsidiary of GeoTrust, strategically positioned to serve the market's demand for cost-effective SSL certificate solutions.

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A Legacy of Excellence in Web Security

RapidSSL's journey is marked by its affiliations with leading Certificate Authorities, including giants like Symantec and DigiCert in 2010 and 2017, respectively. This lineage ensures that RapidSSL benefits from advanced issuance and validation protocols, enhancing web security comprehensively. With DigiCert's backing, RapidSSL pledges unmatched security, stellar service, and relentless support, setting benchmarks for continuous enhancement.

Simplifying SSL Certification

RapidSSL champions the cause of affordable SSL solutions, focusing on simplifying the enrollment process for users. The brand is synonymous with quick, straightforward authentication without unnecessary complexities, ensuring a seamless user experience from enrollment to installation.

RapidSSL Root Certificates: A Mark of Trust

Post-2017, all RapidSSL certificates come with Root and Intermediate Certificates endorsed by DigiCert, ensuring widespread trust and compatibility with client devices, operating systems, and browsers. Leveraging DigiCert's robust infrastructure, RapidSSL issues certificates with remarkable speed, often within 5-15 minutes post-domain validation, living up to its name.

What our Customers say...

Tim C.

1 year

5 out of 5 stars

We have ordered an code signing certificate from SSLTrust. Validation was a bit tricky in our case (because of reasons not related to SSLTrust), so had to contact support. The service was exceptional and just a local phone call away. We first spoke to Paul - an experienced and knowledgeable person, who was very helpful and friendly. He then followed up with emails and kept an eye on our case, in timely manner. With Paul's help we managed to get this accomplished and get our certificate. I recommend SSLTrust for all Australian customers and will certainly use their service again.
Ashley Holzberger.

1 year

5 out of 5 stars

My company needed a code signing certificate as quickly as possible and had a tricky phone setup that was causing us a lot of grief with getting validation. Paul from SSL Trust helped us through it from the get-go with top notch support. Definitely recommend SSL Trust!

Experts are ready to help.

Don't hesitate to contact us for comprehensive support regarding RapidSSL Certificates. Our specialized support team is ready to assist you via email, live chat, or a prompt phone call, offering guidance at each step of your inquiry!

  • Paul Baka

    Paul Baka

    SSLTrust Account Manager

    Paul is considered to be SSLTrust's leading Cyber Security Expert and most knowledgeable on SSL/TLS Certificates and PKI Solutions.

  • Jeremy Schatten

    Jeremy Schatten

    SSL/TLS Platform Expert

    Jeremy is our expert when it comes to installing any SSL Certificate and configuring a system to best security practices.

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