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Whereas a different Certificate Authority may attempt to do many things all at once, but a RapidSSL Certificate is built for one thing, and one thing only: to provide users with industry-standard 256-bit encryption at an impeccable price. No matter which RapidSSL certificate you choose, you'll always know that you're getting the best bang your buck could provide.

A RapidSSL certificate is issued within minutes of you making a request. Whether it's a Standard SSL or a Wildcard SSL certificate, you'll be provided with your protection suite virtually immediately.

At the same time, RapidSSL certificates come with all the features you might need over time, streamlined and simple to integrate. RapidSSL's unique approach to website security might not afford you all the creature comforts you may find with other CAs, but that's by design.

More than anything else, a RapidSSL certificate is designed to be as cheap as possible without skimping on security. For that reason, RapidSSL's certificates are the go-to solution for individuals with purpose-built websites and/or small and mid-sized businesses. If your only real concern lies in SSL security at a highly affordable price, the certificates that RapidSSL provides should be your first choice.

RapidSSL SSL Certificates

Domain Validated RapidSSL SSL Certificates

Domain Validated
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
RapidSSL Standard$7.99 / yr
$196 Saved
Single domain
$10,0005-15 minutes
RapidSSL Wildcard$71.00 / yr
$589 Saved
Unlimited subdomains
$5,0005-15 minutes

Free RapidSSL Certificates

Domain Validated
ProductLowest PriceSecuresSite SealWarrantyIssuance Time 
RapidSSL Free TrialFreeSingle domain-$5,0005-15 minutes
24/7 Support
Money Back Guarantee
Unlimited Server Licenses
99.9% Device Support

Are RapidSSL Root Certificates Trusted?

All RapidSSL certificates as of late 2017 feature a Root Certificate and Intermediate Certificates that have been signed by DigiCert. This means that all issued RapidSSL certificates are trusted across the board, with recognition from all the popular client devices, operating systems, and web browsers.

By using DigiCert's Intermediate Certificates, SSL certificates provided by RapidSSL are issued extremely quickly - as soon as the process of Domain Validation is completed. Issuance times are often as short as 5-15 minutes, making RapidSSL very much true to its name.

RapidSSL Root

RapidSSL's selection of SSL/TLS offerings can be issued with two different Root Certificates. SHA-1 for maximum compatibility with older and legacy devices, or SHA-2 if you want to align with the latest security standards of the industry, as well as compatibility with future security solutions.

In practice, this means that a Certificate Authority such as RapidSSL can deploy low-cost security solutions at an extremely rapid pace. As a result, their SSL certificates aren't necessarily loaded with extra features. For the most part, RapidSSL certificates will be of either Standard or Wildcard variety with all their bases covered. No Multi-Domain, Code, or UCC/SAN coverage, however.

RapidSSL Brand

What is RapidSSL?

Originally known as FreeSSL, RapidSSL was established in 2003 in Mountain View, California. The company is currently a subsidiary of GeoTrust, in fact, and one that's been purpose-built to target the lower-priced range of SSL certificate solutions.

RapidSSL has been operating under a number of different Certificate Authority companies, such as Symantec and DigiCert - in 2010 and 2017, respectively. This means that RapidSSL has got access to top-of-the-line issuance and validation protocols, which results in a variety of security improvements across the board. With DigiCert support, a RapidSSL certificate will provide its user(s) with impeccable security, service, and user support - all of which continue to improve over time.

As a leader in low-cost SSL certificate solutions, RapidSSL has dedicated its time and effort to streamlining and automating the user enrollment process. Authentication is fast, easy, and without any extraneous - and often unnecessary - features bogging the user down.

Enroll, confirm, install - and you're good to go.

Why use RapidSSL?

Still on the fence about getting a RapidSSL certificate? Let us go over some of the things you need to know before making your mind up.

  • No paperwork required: complete the validation process online
  • SSL certificates are issued within minutes after your Domain Validation is complete
  • Access to unlimited free re-issue requests: 24/7, all 365 days of the year
  • Affordable installation service available via SSLTrust - if you need it
  • Secure both www and non-www versions of your domain with no additional costs
  • Install and use your RapidSSL certificate on unlimited servers
  • Money-back guarantee or SSL certificate swap, if you want it
  • 256-bit encryption for your website and/or service
  • RapidSSL Site Seal to increase your trustworthiness
RapidSSL Seal

A FREE Static site seal showing that you are Secured by RapidSSL®, which you can place on your website. This is a great way to show visitors you have been validated by a trusted and globally recognisable 3rd Party.

Even though RapidSSL's SSL/TLS certificates are some of the cheapest and most affordable options on the market, you're still getting an awful lot of value. From the SSL certificate itself, all the way to RapidSSL's money-back guarantee and the Site Seal, the certificates RapidSSL produces are all highly desirable products.

By sourcing your SSL certificates from RapidSSL, you're ensuring a comprehensive Domain Validation package for your site. It's a low-cost solution to a highly sensitive issue, and RapidSSL is a Certificate Authority that brings the two together like no other.

Get Domain Validated with RapidSSL today!

Key CryptographyRSA or ECC
Minimum Key Size2048-bit (RSA), 233-bit (ECC)
SSL/TLS Encryption256-bit Encryption
Secure Website on Laptop

How can RapidSSL be so cheap?

It's clear as day that SSL certificates provided by RapidSSL are no worse than any other contemporary certificates delivered by, say, DigiCert. How is it possible, then, that Rapid SSL certificates are sold at such a low, incredibly competitive price point?

For reference, the RapidSSL Standard certificate - which comes with a $10,000 warranty, mind - can be issued within 15 minutes of validation, and it costs less than $10 per year.

The trick with RapidSSL Domain Validated certificates is that they're rather basic. RapidSSL does not provide Extended Validation for your domain, which means that your site will be fully protected, but without any extra amenities you may otherwise need or want.

Security is not an issue with RapidSSL. All of their certificates come with a comprehensive browser recognition package, 256-bit encryption, and more. All of it amounts to an amazing ratio of price to security - crucial for individual website owners and small-scale businesses.

Installation Service

We have our team of SSL Experts ready to help with the installation and configuration of your new Certificates. We have experienced team members avilable to install on a large range of servers, control panels and paltforms.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

SSLTrust & RapidSSL Review Ratings of 4.9/5 from 336 reviews. Read all review

SSLTrust went above and beyond to resolve an issue with our address validation. There were incorrect details in our DUNS record which caused confusion with the CA. The SSLTrust team assigned a personal technical support team to our account and they worked continuously to provide a quick and effective solution. Highly recommended due to the level of support.

a month ago

Highly recommend. Unequaled service, even on a Sunday. Best support I can remember ever getting. Very professional, quick responses equal Good Quality and great value.

a month ago

The best SSL reseller online with the best prices. Great service and support! Highly recommended!

10 months ago

RapidSSL Certificates FAQ

RapidSSL is a GeoTrust subsidiary that specializes in the production and delivery of low-cost SSL certificates with a number of additional goodies, such as a static Site Seal and a money-back guarantee. RapidSSL's certificates are Domain Validated, featuring full 256-bit encryption which means that you get industry-standard web server protection and ultimate browser compatibility at a highly competitive price-point.

RapidSSL is fully trusted and delivers standard security features and encryption algorithms, much as you'd find in DigiCert or GeoTrust products. What's particularly important about RapidSSL's trustworthiness, though, is that they sourced their Root and Intermediate certificates from DigiCert themselves. In practice, this means that you're getting stellar validation, support, and issuance times - at an impeccable cost.

By far the easiest way of installing any SSL certificate is to reach out to our team of experts here at SSLTrust. Depending on your specific device, operating system, and their respective implementations of SSL/TLS technology, the process differs a fair bit.

For those who just want to make use of the RapidSSL offers we've got available - so, ultimate browser compatibility, stellar security, and rapid validation - the easiest way will be to reach out to the SSLTrust support crew.

The vast majority of contemporary SSL certificates are exclusively available via paid offers, but there are timed free options available on the market, too. RapidSSL, for one, offers free SSL certificates for a set amount of time. This means that you've got access to a basic Domain Validation SSL even if you can't immediately afford one.

Of course, it's worth keeping in mind that free SSL certificates will be rather basic, functionality-wise. No Extended Validation, no Wildcard SSL. You are, however, still getting the static Site Seal, browser compatibility across the board, security via modern encryption technology, and more. Can't beat the price, either.

All Rapid SSL certificates come with a free static Site Seal, to boot. Whether free or with a cost attached, every RapidSSL certificate issuance will also equip the user with an appropriate Site Seal.

Though RapidSSL keeps its selection of SSL/TLS certificates intentionally slim - with a marked focus on an incredibly competitive price-point - they do, in fact, have RapidSSL Wildcard certificates in store, too. You can get yours right here at SSLTrust, in fact.

RapidSSL Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $196 /yr

Need your SSL certificate in a matter of minutes? Not an issue with this baseline RapidSSL certificate! Featuring 256-bit encryption ready to go as soon as the SSL is up and running, this Domain Validated SSL certificate is a remarkably fast and easy way of getting industry-standard SSL encryption no matter what sort of website you might be running - both www and non-www setups included.

A lightning-fast issuance process comes part and parcel with RapidSSL. Even this low-cost, entry-level SSL certificate will be more than enough protection for most individual and small/mid-size business domain setups. Get the lowest price on the market with all the website security you could wish for - with RapidSSL.

RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

Lowest price guarantee, starting as low as $589 /yr

Need to secure your main domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains, too? Look no further than the RapidSSL Wildcard certificate - the ultimate Wildcard SSL for the price-conscious webmaster. The RapidSSL Wildcard is a low-cost way to provide total security across all of your website's sub-domains in one fell swoop.

Apply 256-bit encryption to your entire web server with this certificate. Enjoy ultimate compatibility with all popular web browsers and save money while you're at it! Simultaneously, you'll also enjoy lightning-fast issuance times, industry-standard feature sets - all that, and more at the lowest price per year, far as validation solutions go.

RapidSSL Free SSL Certificate

Free 30 day trial

Would you like to try out an entry-level security solution before splurging on one? Protect your domain and website with one of the most competitive RapidSSL offers on the market: the free SSL certificate from RapidSSL.

The SSL certificates RapidSSL produces and offers for free are not exempt from any amenities the company offers with their paid packages. This SSL certificate features Domain Validation security with 256-bit encryption for the website it is applied to. It even comes with a static Site Seal, all entirely free of any additional charge.