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While at first the Extended Validation process may seem a bit daunting—it can actually be a breeze if you come prepared. This section will cover everything you need to know about Extended Validation.

What are the Extended Validation Requirements?

Regardless of what Certificate Authority you choose to get your SSL certificate from, the requirements for extended validation are the same. This is because of the CA/B (Certificate Authority and Browser) forum. The CA/B forum is essentially a regulatory body, run by the CAs and the companies behind the largest web browsers, that governs SSL and makes sure the certificates behave the same across all browsers. They’ve determined the simple baseline requirements for issuing an EV SSL Certificate.

The more prepared you are, the faster validation goes.

If you’re a legitimate business this process is a breeze. Remember, part of the reason there are so many checks is to differentiate the legitimate businesses from the rest of the crowd. Nothing the CA is going to ask for should be difficult for a legitimate business to furnish.

Typically, the industry likes to say issuance takes 1-5 business days—that’s to give the CAs some time. But if your information is listed publicly and you’re persistent, you can have one issued in as little as one day.

Author: Paul Baka

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