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Just like with Organisation Validation, Telephone Verification is a required check for an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. You need to have an active telephone number listed in an acceptable telephone directory. The listing should match the exact information given on your Enrolment Form and CSR (i.e. business name with corporate identifier and physical address).

Completing Telephone Verification

The Certificate Authorities will try to verify this information using an Online Government Database first.

For Australia, that means the Australian Business Register or Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) .

For New Zealand, that means the New Zealand Companies Office Companies Register .

Unfortunately, some online government databases do not display this information. Don’t worry, there are still two other ways to satisfy this requirement.

Third-Party Telephone Listing

You can use an existing telephone listing in a third-party directory. Globally acceptable directories for all CAs include:

Please contact our Support Team for a list of all accepted directories in your country.

Legal Opinion Letter

Finally, you can use a Legal Opinion Letter – sometimes called a Professional Opinion Letter, or POL – to verify your company’s telephone number. Just request the POL from our support team, get it signed by an attorney or accountant (they must be in good standing with the government regulatory body in your country or locality) and you’re good to go. This is especially useful if your company doesn’t publicly display its phone number in any online directories.

Author: Paul Baka

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