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Zero-Day Vulnerabilities and its Impact on Business

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Computer System Vulnerabilities are a serious security issue that can find its way to our computers through harmless browsing activities. This can be as simple as visiting a website, clicking on a compromised message or downloading software with compromised security protocols. Exploited and infected malware exposes our systems, allowing unauthorized control to the hackers. The system becomes… [read more →]

TLS 1.3, HTTP/3 and DNS over TLS - 2019 Highlights

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2019 has been a big year for digital cryptography. The privacy minded should be very excited about changes on the horizon. Specifically, some of the biggest changes around the corner are: TLS 1.3 HTTP/3 Widespread support for DNS over TLS TLS 1.3 RFC 8446 finalized the specification of TLS 1.3.With it includes faster connection times, deprecation of insecure ciphers, simplified negotiation of… [read more →]

How to Determine if a Website is Fake or Fraudulent

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You should never visit any website that you feel may be fake or fraudulent, because you could be putting your computer and all of your personal information at risk. Always look closely at the content on any website you visit because it can be difficult to notice fraudulent phishing websites. Have you ever been phished? Phishing is an online scam that misleads individuals into believing a website… [read more →]

The Future of the Australian CyberSecurity Strategy

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Cyber Security Discussion Paper Australia's Cybersecurity Concerns Improving Australia’s Cybersecurity Strategy / Building Alliances Joint Working Group with India Cybersecurity Framework Cyber Security Discussion Paper Australia launched its first Cybersecurity strategy back in 2016. This new cybersecurity model was set to last from 2016 through 2020. Earlier this month ASPI’s International Cyb… [read more →]

The Quick Guide to Ransom Attacks

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What is Ransomeware and Ransom Attacks? How does it work? A History of Ransom Attacks. Types of Ransomware. How to Protect Against Ransom Attacks? What to do if you are affected by ransomware encryption. What is Ransomeware and Ransom Attacks? Ransomware is malicious software that blocks, or denies access to a computer system or data until a ransom is paid by the victim. A ransom usually has a… [read more →]

The Quick and Easy Guide to PCI Compliance

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What is it PCI Compliance? Who is it for? 4 Levels of PCI Compliance Why do we need it? PCI Compliance Requirements Firewall Change IDs and Passwords Protect cardholder data-at-rest Protect cardholder data-in-transit AntiVirus Develop and Maintain secure systems and applications Restrict access to Data Unique ID and Authentication Restrict… [read more →]

Cloud Computing, Recent Hacks and Security Risks of 2019

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What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing Risks Lack of Control and Availability Data Security Lost Data The Capital One Data Breach Cloud Computing Hack affects PCM Is Cloud Computing Worth it? What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a… [read more →]