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Microsoft’s Active Directory Federated Services – A popular choice for SSO

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Pretty much everyone in the digital age has access to multiple services requiring authentication. Most modern workplaces have some sort of centralized authentication source, so at least there’s only one set of credentials to remember. Still, typing in these credentials repeatedly is burdensome for the user. An answer to this problem is browser-based federation, leveraging bearer tokens (something a… [read more →]

Is your wordpress blog secure from hackers?

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Wordpress is one of the most popular website platform for creating websites and blogs.  The reason for its popularity is obviously is the ease of use, maintaining it and also updating content to it. Every popular software, becomes a target of criminals automatically due to widespread use of it and many users actually using it. Brute password discovery and PHP MySql vulnerabilities is often the … [read more →]

Perfect Forward Secrecy: An Insurance Policy for your Encrypted Data

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As we already know, SSL/TLS couples the best parts of asymmetric and symmetric cryptography to provide a robust mechanism for securing data-in-flight. However, because the key exchange for the symmetric portion of the transaction occurs over the secure channel forged with your public key, whomever holds your private key can reliably decrypt all data intended for your consumption. What happens… [read more →]

Who Needs SSL?

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Does everyone need SSL? It’s not mandatory for all sites - for now. Do most sites need it? Yes. Do you need it? Let’s find out. Firstly, Why SSL? Trust Internet users look for many trust signals when they visit a website. For casual browsing, their eyes and senses do a cursory review of the site they’re on for a visual and performance indication of quality. Does anything look out of place or suspi… [read more →]

Current SSL Security holes, tips and concerns

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Technology and software is always changing and getting better, but with new releases comes new bugs and security holes. Or sometime old bugs and security holes that have only just been discovered come to light. SSL certificates and website security is no exception to this. In the last few months alone there has been multiple security holes found in the very popular OpenSSL that many servers and… [read more →]

Placing the advantages of SSL certificates in the limelight

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Gone are the days where the masses took up the trouble of driving down to different shops to purchase items/accessories of any kind. After all, who would take up such a trouble, when they have the liberty of ordering anything without leaving the comforts of their home and that too with few mouse clicks? Yes, online shopping is booming with time and the master minds behind respective websites that… [read more →]