Free Website Security Site Seal

Use the following form to generate the HTML code to display a seal on your website. This Seal will link to our free Website Security Report for your domain name. This is a great way to assure your customers that you employ the best security practices to keep your website safe and secure, which helps protect any personal or sensitive information your visitors share.


Download Seal Image

Download the seal image you want to use below and upload it to your webhosting. Then provide the URL to the image in the next field.


Terms and Conditions

You must agree to the following Terms and Conditions to use the Site Seal on your website. If you do not follow them, your domain name will be blacklisted from our free tools. We monitor all domains linking to our website security report every day.

You agree to only install the Seal on a Maximum of 3 Pages.

If you link to the report from your website, you agree to make it a nofollow link.

You agree to only place the site seal on the website under the domain name used on the report.

You agree the Seal will not be used in any way that will mislead visitors into believing that a web page or website is secure, when in fact it is not.

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