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DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard SSL

DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard Certificate Description DigiCert
Secure all your subdomains with the worlds leading Certificate.
The Wildcard SSL/TLS Certificate is the go-to solution when you are running multiple website, apps or services under your domain. If your not yet using a sub-domain but may in the future, no additional configuration is required. All subdomains are instantly secured from the first issuance of your new DigiCert Wildcard.
Save More When Buying Multiple Years
Total Due Today: $1575.00

Your Savings: $424.00
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.

Subdomains Secured

Unlimited Server

Malware & Antivirus

Free Duplication
(Multiple CSRs)


Management Platform

DigiCert Seal

Site Seal

Money Back

DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard Certificate Description

Without any additional configuration required to secure any sub-domain in the future, the DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard will instantly secure your root domain and all sub-domains. It is the perfect solution, when you need to secure multiple services or sites. An example of what you could secure;,,,,

Not only do you want to secure your site with any information transmitted between your servers and your customers. You also want to make sure you site is safe to visit and has not been maliciously modified. The Secure Site SSL/TLS Certificate range from DigiCert comes with Malware and Antivirus scanning included. It will periodically scan your website and alert you with anything that could be considered harmful for visitors.

The included Norton Seal can be installed on your website to show your visitors your site is safe and secure. Upon clicking the Seal, your visitors will be presented with your verified business, school or entity details. This will ensure your customers with whom they are dealing with. It will also ensure your customers that no malware has been installed on your site via the included Malware and Antivirus scanning.

Through the DigiCert business verification, you can have your Business Validated SSL Certificate issued sooner. They prioritise all Secure Site orders, jumping the queue, to make sure you can get your site secured fast and easy.

Certificate Specifications

Domains secured unlimited subdomains
Browser support 99.9%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Site Seal Norton™ Seal
Encryption 256-bit symmetric encryption with a 2048-bit RSA or 224-bit ECC signature key
Issuance time 1-2 days (Instant with previous DigiCert business validation)
Secures + *
Post-Quantum Resistant
UCC/SAN support
Validation Business