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Secured Transactions

Have you just come from a website using an SSL Certificate?
If you have, you would have noticed the URL of the website
starting with https://       
What does this mean for you?
This means your transactions performed on the website have been encrypted by one of our highly trusted and warranty backed SSL Certificates. SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card details, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

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Would you like to secure your website or service?
We have many different types of SSL Certificates available for all types of websites, such as the SSL below...


Comodo InstantSSL Certificate Comodo
Show your business has been verified while securing your users.
The Comodo InstantSSL Certificate is a good choice for any business or legal entity wanting to give that extra bit of authenticity by showing that your business has been verified by a trusted brand. All while giving complete 256-bit encryption and at a very good price.
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Unlimited Server

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Comodo InstantSSL Certificate

From a small to large businesses or charity organisations, no matter what you are, you can display the authenticity of your business to your customers through an InstantSSL Certificate from Comodo.

When a visitor connects to your website or e-commerce platform, right away they will know they have been secured with the https in their URL bar and a padlock icon displayed in their browser. They can also check the Certificate at anytime to view your business details, verifying that they are connecting to is a trusted source.

Because this is a business verification SSL, it means you will be required to have your business verified by Comodo. This generally takes between 1 to 2 days to complete. You should always make sure your business details are up-to date in any business registry database in your country. Also, up-to date WHOIS information on your domain name will ensure that your new InstantSSL Certificate will be quickly issued and ready for you to install. If additional details of your business or organisation are required, Comodo will let you know and you can easy email Comodo any documentation or requested information.

Your customers will see the result of this process by Comodo when they notice your business details on the included Site Seal and in the InstantSSL Certificate itself. They will be more likely to do business with an organisation that has been verified by a leading security brand, such as Comodo.

Being one of the most affordable Business Verification Certificates today, the InstantSSL is a great choice when you need that extra bit of trust from your customers for any and every transaction they will do with you. Just because it is cheaper than some other SSLs does not mean it is less secure. The InstantSSL comes packed with the industry’s leading 256-bit encryption to secure your customer. Their information is well protected, just like they want.

Certificate Specifications

Domains 1
Browser support 99.9%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption up to 256-bit
Secures +
Green address bar
UCC/SAN support
Validation Business
Issuance time 1-2 days

InstantSSL Site Seal

Copy and paste the following HTML code into your website where you wish to display your included Site Seal to your visitors.

Site Seal

<a href="" title="This website uses SSL encryption to secure your information" rel="nofollow" target="new"><img src="" style="border: 0px;"></a><br>