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InstantSSL with Free EV Upgrade

Comodo InstantSSL with free EV Upgrade Comodo
An EV SSL Certificate is the top of the line SSL you can have on your website if you want to show the Green Address Bar without the higher cost of an EV SSL. Today is a good day because we have this on a limited offer, giving you a free EV SSL for 1 year when you purchase a InstantSSL. Please read below for the terms and conditions.

This product has been discontinued. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like assistance in finding an alternative product.

Address Bar

Unlimited Server

Mobile Devices

Extended Business


Free Reissues

Site Seal

Money Back

Comodo InstantSSL with free EV Upgrade

To be eligible for the free upgrade you are required to meet the following conditions.

  • First: Share this offer on social media. You may need to provide the link or a screen shot.
  • We also accept just a review to be completed on order completion if you do not wish to share this special on social media.
  • The InstantSSL  order must be for a single domain name.
  • The order must be a new 1 year purchase and not a renewal.
  • The domain name must never have been previously used for a Comodo EV SSL Certificate. This includes sub domains.
  • You must be a registered business in your country, and your business phone number must be listed in your local phone directory to pass the extended validation.
  • Limit of one per customer
  • To leave a review you will be presented with the review window on completion of your order. *The $5 OFF will be given as a credit to your account balance. Contact the sales team to receive your account credit.


Claiming your free upgrade and getting your EV SSL Certificate.

Order the InstantSSL with EV Upgrade above. Once you have completed the SSL configuration and been issued your InstantSSL your order will automatically begin the free EV Upgrade process where you need to complete the Extended Validation process with Comodo. For more information on the extended validation process click here. Please also read under step 4 in our comodo order process regarding what is needed to be done for the extended validation

Certificate Specifications

Domains 1
Browser support 99.9%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption up to 256-bit
Secures +
Green address bar
UCC/SAN support
Validation Extended business
Issuance time 2-10 days